Q. "Pas Encore wash" has a unique smell and colour...


A. "Pas Encore wash" is black and has a fermented smell. The black colour is from the Maillard reaction. This is a chemical reaction of amino acid and sugar and creates a black material called Melanoidin. The colour of Miso and Soy sauce is also formed by the Maillard reaction. The black colour and smell of Pas Encore wash is proof of fermentation which makes the active ingredients effective.



Q. What is the difference between rice bran and "Fermented rice bran"?


A. Rice bran is easy to oxidize, if rice bran is fermented and matured, it is hard to oxidize and has excellent anti-oxide effects.

Fermentation makes the molecules smaller and stable, so it is absorbed well and has a better effect upon the skin.

Rice bran's effect on the skin was well known for a long time and there are many rice bran skincare products.

However, there is a clear difference between rice bran and fermented rice bran.

Fermentation creates more beneficial effects for the product. Soy and fermented soy or Miso paste is a good example. Soy is rich in nutrition and vitamins itself, but fermenting soy increases the amount of nutrition.



Q. What effects does fermented rice bran have?


A. The main effect is the promotion of cell activity. It normalizes skin turnover and creates smooth skin by activating the epidermal metabolism. It also encourages rejuvenation of older cells, gives better blood circulation, moisturizes, is an astringent, helps control sebum, sterilizes and has anti inflammatory effects.



Q. What are the characteristics of "Fermented rice bran"?


A. Pas Encore wash uses 15 year old cultured "Fermented rice bran" as the seed bacteria and is fermented for six month by adding 3% of the new rice bran every day over a certain period and mixing it with brown sugar and honey. The main ingredient "Fermented rice bran" in Pas Encore wash contains a lot of fat resolve enzymes, protein resolve enzymes, amino acids and Mucopolysaccharide.



Q. Why use water?


A. Enzymes in Pas Encore wash are activated by water. You can expect the maximum effect from the enzymes by adding a little amount of cold or lukewarm water.

It contains protein resolve enzymes, so your skin becomes “whiter” and the "face becomes firm". The enzymes work on the skin during the face pack.



Q. Is it safe to use on other areas?


A. Yes. You can use Pas Encore wash on your body. Take the appropriate amount of Pas Encore wash, apply it to a sponge and use whilst showering.



Q. How effective is the Pas Encore wash pack?


A. Generally, the face is washed using a foam, but Pas Encore wash is not a foam wash. Because we do not destroy the enzymes so it can maximize its effect on the skin.



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