About Pas Encore Wash


The power that revives brightness to skin. Double enzyme power in fermented rice bran.

"PAS ENCORE" means something that has never existed.

You may be surprised by the smell when you take “Pas Encore Wash” first time on your hand. “Pas Encore Wash” is made from fermented rice bran and totally different from conventional face wash.

How will Pas Encore Wash work on your skin?

cleans pores and eliminates dullness

Small molecules and stable “Fermented rice bran” penetrate the skin to make your skin brighter and toned.

Fermentation causes the rice bran molecules to become smaller; eventually the molecules stop resolving and become stable. “Fermented rice bran” in “Pas Encore Wash” contains 86% of these smaller molecules with a molecular weight of less than 3,000 which includes 37% of the super small molecules with molecular weight of less than 500. The “Fermented rice bran” works on the deeper layers of the epidermal cells to achieve better results on your skin including brightening and diminishing dullness.

What is "Fermented Rice Bran"?

Rice bran being fermented
Rice bran being fermented

“Fermented rice bran” is made from matured rice bran.

Based on 15 year fermented and matured rice bran, we cultivate it for six months to multiply bacteria to 10 billion times. The aged bacteria start secretes metabolism material, which is enzyme. The enzyme promotes cell activity, and creates amino acids, Mucopolysaccharides and protein which have moisturizing effect.

greenhouses and fermenters
greenhouses and fermenters

“Pas Encore Wash” brings out the maximum power of the enzyme.

Two in one face wash with cleansing and face pack.

“Fermented rice bran” is made carefully over a long period of time. 3% of the new rice bran is added to the base rice bran everyday over a certain period, together with blackstrap powder and acacia honey (domestically produced) and is fermented and matured for six months.

Furthermore, it contains a large proportion of pure royal jelly (also domestically produced) which is famous for its beauty giving effects.


“Pas Encore Wash” is a non-fragranced, non-colorant, non-mineral and non-paraben (preservative) washing foam.



What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a rich source of nutrition.

Philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) wrote about it in the book De Partibus Animalium. He knew that the larvae floating in the creamy liquid, which has a different colour and taste from honey, is the one designated for the queen bee. He understood that royal jelly itself was unique.

It was in the 19 century that the benefits of the royal jelly became known to people, and it began attracting people’s attention as a health food in 1950’s. Royal jelly is the only food that queen bees eat their entire lives, and it is also referred to as King’s milk. Although all larvae are fed royal jelly for about first three days, after that, only queen bee larva is given royal jelly, and the other normal bees are given mixed food with honey and pollen. The queen bee gets many benefits from being given only royal jelly.

For example, the queen bee’s body is two to three times bigger than that of the worker bees and live thirty to forty times longer. Queen bee also keeps laying 1500 to 2000 eggs everyday. Worker bees are the same female but cannot lay eggs. Only queen bee is given the ability to lay the eggs, and royal jelly makes it possible.



 How royal jelly is made and its value.

The raw material of royal jelly is pollen that bees collect from flowers.

Then, worker bees digest, resolve, grow and release royal jelly from their lower jaw. Special rooms for the future queen bees are made from spring to summer in the natural world. These special rooms are called king pedestals and are about the same size and shapes as a peanut shell. Once the egg is hatched, worker bees release royal jelly for them and save it in the king pedestal. The raw royal jelly is a milky white cream with a stinging sour taste.

Royal jelly is totally different from honey in both its method of creation and its ingredients. Royal jelly is made only in small amounts in the natural world.So, apiarists have developed special methods to collect as much royal jelly as possible. They use the bees tendency to give royal jelly to worker bee larvae (for three months after they are born), by taking the queen bee out of the beehive.

First they make a place which is isolated from the queen bee, then move the just born worker bee larvae to plastic made artificial king pedestals, which look just like real king pedestals.

It takes about 48 to 72 hours for the artificial king pedestals to become full of royal jelly. They can get only about 300mg per king pedestal, meaning if fifty to sixty king pedestals are set in one beehive, they can only get around 15g.

Therefore, as you can see Royal jelly is very valuable especially if you consider it is made by bees, whose bodies are less than 0.5g in weight.




"Honey" is food?

The beginning of the relationship between humans and honey is said to have begun more than 10000 years ago.

Ancient people believed that honey was given by god, and made from the air like mist.

It was seen as a miracle that the small honey bee, stopping only for a moment on a flower, was able to create a golden, sweet, tasty and highly nutritious preserved food.


"Pas Encore Wash" contains large amounts of Japanese acacia honey. This honey contains many nutrients which are beneficial to our body.

Rich ingredients

"Pas Encore Wash" contains, Vitamin B (B2 and B6) known as the "Vitamin for beauty and rejuvenation" Plus 18 kinds of amino acids (Arginine, lysine, histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, valine, alanine, glycine, praline, glutamate, serine, threonine, asparagines, tryptophan, cysteine).


It also contains the fat resolve enzyme "lipase" which removes excess sebum and keratin with every wash. Plus the protein resolve enzyme “Protease" which helps create beautiful skin by removing waste and dirt by removing old keratin or dead skin.



Characteristic of the product

• A "Cleansing" and "face pack" - at the same time.

 A mild cleanser which improves brown spots and dullness using the enzymes found in fermented rice bran.


Characteristic 1: Brightening effect of "Fermented Rice bran" enzyme "Fermented Rice bran" brings many benefits to the skin. Your skin becomes brighter.


Main brightening effects of "Fermented Rice Bran" enzyme

  • Improves cell activity: Activate the metabolism of the epidermal cells to correct skin turn over.
  • Promote regeneration: Repair old (damaged) cells.
  • Improves living function: Improves blood circulation, strengthens cells.
  • Moisturizing and suppleness: Amino acid, Mucopolysaccharide and Protein from fermentation will make the skin more moist and supple.
  • Astringent: Organic acid controls the skin membrane balance.
  • Sterilizing and anti inflammatory effects: Sterilizing effect from Organic acids. Anti inflammatory effects for sun burn or burning.


Characteristic 2: Natural ingredients for beautiful skin Additional to the enzyme, it contains royal jelly which encourages metabolism and which has positive effects on brown spots and wrinkles. Brown sugar which helps suppress melanin production as well as moisturizing effects and honey. Your skin becomes moist and supple.


Characteristic 3: Unique "Cleansing and face pack" without foam. Generally the face is washed using foam, but "Pas Encore Wash” is dissolved using only a little water, so no foam is made. One pinky nail amount of "Fermented rice bran" contains 7 hundred million enzymes which are activated by water. To wash the face effectively, we do not want to destroy enzymes.

The wash contain the protein resolve enzyme and fat resolve enzyme, which has a brightening and astringent effect.